Finally, here is the "follow spot" used for live shows.  This spotlight is operated by a Tivoli Stage Crew member and is used to highlight performers on stage as they move around.  The spot is about 6 feet long and has a Xenon arc lamp rated at 1500 watts.
Situated in front of the digital projector lens is the 3D mechanism.  How does it work?  A pinch of electricity and a handful of "Movie Magic."
This is not your daddy's DVD player!  This is the digital projector, larger than a car engine.  But, in all other respects, it is bascially a DVD player capable of shooting a high def image well over 100 feet.  For live presentations such as meetings, we have the ability to take video from a laptop computer on stage and run it through this projector as well.  Imagine playing "Flight Simulator" on a screen the size of the Tivoli's!!!
A state-of-the-art Dolby Digital sound system provides 11.1 channels of breathtaking surround sound. The rack on the right contains the satellite receiver equipment for the onscreen advertising.
35mm projector and platters for the films
The lifeblood of the Tivoli Theatre is, and always has been, movies.  Being the second theatre in the U.S. designed especially for talking films, the Tivoli has also always been on the cutting edge of technology.  Though the theatre gets all movies digitally now, we still have the occasional historic or independent film coming in on 35mm, so we maintain this second projector for those needs.
Projection Booth
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