Jackie is here, right of Len,
and Bryon is on the right end.
Yes, that is Dick Van Dyke in the chair!
June, 2016, Disney Birthplace Event
Mr. Van Dyke is such a kind and sweet gentleman!
One of the actors from a 2011 commercial filmed here.  You may recognize him????
Bryon, who joined us in 2016, helps an actress with her costume.  We do whatever is needed!
Len demonstrates the lightboard for interested visitors.
Len and Mike with one of the very large groups backstage.
Pat waits to demonstrate our Follow Spot
Rick shows a visitor how to mix sound.
People patiently waited in long lines to take the tour.
Not Pat-->
Public Tour in 2011.
                   We expected 100 people.
                                  We got 500 people.
                                                     Everybody loves the Tivoli!!!
Nancee and Jackie prep the main dressing room for a VIP performer.
Rick, Deb, Steve running the 2010 Christmas Show.
Len, & Jill. Family Time at the lightboard
"I'm so proud of my crew!"
- steve -
"What have I gotten myself into this time?"
Mike and Len move a movie speaker.  Note the size of the speakers!
"And we nailed that cue right on time..."
Yes, we actually use two hands and a foot to run the lightboard.  No, really!
Cookie Time!  Mike, Len, & Jill take a break
Nancee at the lightboard and our Follow Spot named "Frank".
And Heeeeerrrreee's Jackie!
Steve, Pat Jill, Mike, Len
Nancee, Deb, Rick (retired)
(Jackie & Bryon not in picture)
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New Photos April, 2016!
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